Branding better water

NY2O is a bottled water company using a natural artesian well where rain water is naturally filtered through the unique geneology of upstate New York. The company emphasizes elements of architecture and high design embueing their marketing with the same care and attention to detail as their water. NY2O turned to Guzman Labs to update its logo, branding materials, packaging, and website.


NY2O sought to update their logo with a more modern typeface and with bolder strokes that would be more easily identified throughout their packaging and printed materials. The updated logo, drawing inspiration from designs from the New York Philarmonic launched throughout all of the company’s marketing materials in 2017.

Print Marketing

Guzman Labs designed and provided a variety of print materials including new marketing banners, product labels, packaging, and tote bags. For the bottle label and design, NY2O was a finalist at the NYC X Design Awards and honored at the MoMA.

Graphic Design

Guzman Labs provided graphic design services including designing and rendering store fixtures,  graphics for the company’s website, and social media content.

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