Designing a culturo-cosmic adventure

Written by author and activist Andrew Otazo, The Miami Creation Myth is a collection of satirical stories that pay homage to Miami’s unique history and culture. Otazo partnered with Guzman Labs to design art for the book that reflected its unique brand of storytelling. The Miami Creation Myth has since expanded to include a burgeoning social media presence and Miami-centric meme factory, a companion e-book, and live performances of stories derived from the original work.

Miami culture meets multi-denominational spirituality

Working with author Andrew Otazo, Guzman Labs designed a logo inspired by the multi-faith ‘Coexist’ design. Each letter, traditionally representing an individual faith, was replaced with an emblematic element of Miami’s diverse culture.


Cover art

The book’s cover mimics the composition of Michaelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’ from the Sistine Chapel. In it, prominent deities from the book are depicted in the places of God and the angels. The primary deity, Pachango the Creator, wields a chancleta – a symbol of discipline that strikes fear in the Latin community. The characters are depicted in a cosmic realm where much of the book takes place and are drawn in the colorful pop art style that has become synonimous with Miami.




Miami Creation Myth needed a robust online platform to publish content as well as furthering its marketing objectives. Built using WordPress CMS, the website allowed Miami Creation Myth to publish preview chapters and additional stories, sell an ebook, and build an email list for the book launch.

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Andrew Otazo

Author, 'The Miami Creation Myth'

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