Crafting a dynamic brand for a media company

Iupana is a media company focused on the intersection of finance and tech in Latin America. Based in New York City but with an audience throughout the Americas, the company needed a brand that could represent this dynamic sector while conveying stability and journalistic integrity.

What is a yupana?

A yupana is a type of abacus, used to make complex arithmetic computations, dating back to the Incan empire. This tablet consited of a series of boxes in which seeds or pebbles were placed representing different amounts.

Logo Design

Working closely with founder and editor Katie Llanos-Small, Guzman Labs designed a logo that evoked the historical yupana with a contemporary style. The yupana icon, features culturally accurate color accents which are referenced throughout branded materials. Rounded corners and padding within the icon are evocative of mobile phone applications serving as the modern representation of the marriage between finance and tech. The logo presents the company’s name in a contemporary, serif typeface referencing the traditional typewriter fonts of newspapers and other media organizations.

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