Rebranding a Market Leader

Bijoux Terner was an international fashion company with sales at over 500 locations across more than 60 countries around the world. When launching as a new company, the brand identity needed to reflect that new beginning while retaining the brand equity of its rich history. From brand and messaging strategy, name development, to brand and collateral design, comprehensive branding guidelines delivered on both the company’s immediate needs and longterm strategic objectives.

The Legacy Brand

For more than 40 years, the Bijoux Terner brand had been a leader in affordable fashion accessories in the travel retail market. With a market presense all over the world, partnerships with international retail operators, and millions in annual sales, brand recognition was high. Maintaining the brand’s equity and reputation through a transition was a top priority.

The New Bijoux

The new brand both evoked the history and tradition of the legacy brand while ushering a new era for a new company. The brand retained the traditional black-and-white design of the former brand – a pervasive element in many fashion brands – while introducing a suite of vibrant colors emlbematic of the dynamism of the fashion industry as well as the company’s multiple areas of expertise and operations.

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